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Guinnesso's Treats

Holiday Bundle Pack

Holiday Bundle Pack

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Holiday Pouch
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The Gift That Gives Back!


For each Holiday Bundle Pack purchased, we will be donating $5.00 back to HelpAWS. Our donations can support HelpAWS to other animals in need, food supplies, shelter upgrades, toys and accessories for the puppies they rescue, feed a stray, medical bill, vaccinations and so much more!


This HOLIDAY BUNDLE PACK is for a special fur friend or for your pup, it's for those pups who want it all and can't decide on just one! A great way to get all the droolicious benefits in one HOLIDAY POUCH! You can keep a little or give it all the holiday pouch is perfect for gifting our treats under the tree!


🍎 Apple Crisps
🍠 Sweet Potato Chews
🍌 Banana Chips
🧡 Butternut Squash

100% natural and fresh, no additives or preservatives.

Did you know that our treats are Human grade? That means that all ingredients used to make our treats can be eaten by you and your pet

This ensures we are feeding you dog the highest quality foods. Things you would find in a grocery store and likely to eat yourself


We make treats in small batches using a dehydration technique at low temperatures to make sure the water is removed which increases the flavour intensity and helps keep the treats lasting much longer.

Store the treats in a dry environment at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and press air out of pouch each time you remove a treat to keep moisture out.

You can also store the dehydrated treats in the refrigerator and for a long-term option.

Just be aware that depending on your fridge temperature after a varying amount of time like most foods, it starts to break down or develop sweat if air is not pressed out or ziplocked properly. Be sure to keep a close eye on it.

Our treatos last 6 months+ but it most likely will be eaten before that!

  • - Edgar

  • - Rizzo & Harper

  • - Riza